We Service All Types, All Franchises of Restaurants and Their Equipment. With Over 8,000 Parts In-stock and 450,000 Parts Available Next Day at No Additional Fee We Assure You We Can Get You Up and Running in No Time at All Without Being Overpriced and No Overnight Air Fright Charges, We Don't Stop There, We Also Cover More Than Just The Grills and Coolers. We also do FULL Build Repairs and Maintenance. So One Call Can Do It All​!

- New Equipment Installation

- Hot and Cold Equipment Repair

- Drain Cleaning

- Commercial HVAC System Maintenance

- Dinning Room Table, Fixtures, Props

- Dinning Room Lighting

- Dinning Room Maintenance 

- Dishmachine Repair And Installation

- POS System Installations and Repair

- Data and Communication Systems

- High Speed WiFi Hotspot Installations

Plus More

Amusement Parks Create Memories. Until Something Doesn't Work Then Guests Remember That. Its A Fact That Todays Amusement Parks Are Very Fast Paced To Keep Up With Crowds and Demand. When Rides or Equipment Fails It Could Equal Large Losses In Profit. Even the Sound of an Ice Cream Machine Down Can Ruin One Childs Day. We Operate 7 Days A Week To Ensure Your Parks Get The Service They Need and The Smiles and Screams They Deserve 

- Full Hot And Cold Food Equipment Repair

- Ice Cream Machine Sales and Service

- Data and Communication Systems

- Security Systems

- Commercial Ride and Equipment Parts

- Water Park Equipment Maintenance 

- P.A. and Sound System Repair

- Novelty Lighting and Decretive Lighting

- Food Truck Equipment Repair

Plus More



Smock Companies Is Dedicated To Keeping Americas Food Service Equipment Running At Peak Performance When YOU Need It. We Specialize in the Food Service Industry Because We Understand Your Needs And Reliability. Our Rapidly Expanding Company Has Been in Business Since 2005 and We Work 24/7, We have the options to make repairs or maintenance to equipment while your not open. Instead of The Normal 8-4 Work Day, We can work on your Restaurants at night or overnight without expensive overtime fees. Call Us Today 1-800-485-4788

Bars Are Americas Nightlife,  With Massive Competition Its Important For A Bar To Have Their Coolers Running. We Specialize in Bars and Install Controls To Make Your Beverages As Cold as Possible Before The Freeze. And Install The Best Filtration For Your Ice so you Only Taste The Drink. Don't Let Warm Beer or Tasty Ice Ruin Your Bar. Let Us Provide Your With The Coldest Beverages Possible and Tasteless Ice. Mixology Is A Tallent Don't Let Bad Equipment Ruin You're Image

- Liquor Bottle Pouring Equipment 

- Beer/Liquor Temp Control Integration Controls

- Glass Cleaner Machine Installation / Repair

- Dishware Sales 

- Sign Installations and Repairs

- Wall Mounted TV and Projection Systems

- Video Security Systems And Monitoring

- Mixology Support and Drink Creations

Plus More

Todays Movie Theaters are cutting Edge With Amazing Technology But Often Forgot About "Behind The Scenes."  From Your Famous Popcorn To Your Ice Cold Sodas Its Important To Keep Everything Running For Your Guests 2-Hr Experience 

- New Equipment Installation

- Fountain Soda Drink Repair

- Drain Cleaning

- Commercial HVAC System Maintenance

- Ice Machine Repair and Maintenance

- Theater Room Lighting

- Theater Room Maintenance 

- Dolby DTX Sound System Repair

- Texas Instruments DSP System Repair

- NEC Ultra 4K Projector Equipment

- Dishmachine Repair And Installation

- POS System Installations and Repair

- High Speed Data Systems

- Visual Security Systems

Plus More


Amusement Parks


ALWAYS OPerating 24/7 Since 2005

Movie Theatres

Bar & Lounge



HomeAdvisor (5 Star Top Rated and Screened Contractor)

Porch.com (5 Star Top Rated)

Build Zoom - (Top 5% Contractor In Cedar Rapids Area 2016)

We Offer Complete In-Home Maintenance Solutions Such As

- Appliance Repair ( Total Appliance Repair and Installations)

- Electrical Maintenance ( Lighting Replacement, Receptacle Replacements, Equipment Installations)

- Plumbing Maintenance ( Fixture Replacement, Ice Maker Installation, Point Of Use/Service Installations )

- HVAC Maintenance ( Filter Replacement, Coil Cleaning, Preventative Maintenance, and Repair )

- General Contracting ( Small Construction, Reconstruction, Repairs)

- Exterior Maintenance ( Deck Repair , Pressure Washing, General Cleaning Cleaning, 

- Much More ( Call For More Details We Offer Total Facility Maintenance From The Smallest Jobs to Projects)


We Also Service Hotel, Motel and Resort Properties. Once Again We Are Your Full Service Maintenance Provider Dedicated To Keeping Your Facility In Full Operation. From The Bell To The Bed. We Will Keep Your Hotel Safer And Comfortable! We Also Specialize in Energy Star Management Systems. Next Time A Guest Gives You A Maintenance Request Card, You Can Rely On Us To Get The Room Back Online.

​Along With Restaurants We Also Cover...

- Guest Room Maintenance and Repair

- Hospitality Room Service Equipment

- Pool Equipment Repair

- Gaming and Arcade Equipment Repair

- Event Center Repair and Maintenance

- PA and Loud Speakers Maintenance 

- Stage Lighting and Equipment

Plus More

Smock Companies LLC is a HomeAdvisor Top Rated Pro

Event is Planned, Sold Out, And The Band Is Coming, Equipment Failure Happens But You Can Be Ready For The Unexpected Even During An Event. We Specialize In Many Areas of Event Centers, Auditoriums, Ice Arenas, and Concert Halls. So if Trouble Strikes, Don't Let it "Strike The Night."

- New Equipment Installation

- Hot and Cold Food Equipment Repair

- Stage Lighting Repair

- Commercial HVAC System Maintenance

- Ice System / Chiller Maintenance

- Loud Speaker and Amplification Repair

- Auditorium Room Maintenance 

- Backup Power Systems

- POS System Installations and Repair

- Data and Communication Systems

- High Speed WiFi Hotspot Installations

- Camera and Spot Light Repair

- Visual Security Systems

Plus More


Smock Companies LLC - Excellent Customer Service